A quality education is our society’s great equalizer—it’s the path to opportunity at every stage of life. Education is a truly critical determinant of future success: research shows that early childhood education programs can fundamentally transform a community, a state, and a country. And while Massachusetts has always been at the forefront of educational excellence […]

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A mounting body of evidence demonstrates that environmental shifts will have significant repercussions for our economy, our national security, and our way of life.  Global climate change renders every imaginable constituency, industry, economy, state, and nation vulnerable to dramatic and unpredictable changes. In the face of this challenge, Massachusetts can and should lead the creation […]

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Financial Literacy

The State Treasurer is in charge of our Commonwealth’s financial health and must understand the principles of economics and the mechanisms of finance.  The Treasurer also has an opportunity to help Massachusetts residents in every household learn those skills: how to manage a budget, use the banking system, apply for and repay a loan, avoid […]

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Income Inequality

Over a century ago, Massachusetts’s legislators passed the first minimum wage law in the United States, requiring us to pay workers a living wage.  But today’s minimum wage does not achieve this goal: right now, one out of every seven children in our state lives below the poverty line, and over 1.5 million residents lack […]

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The state pension plan is more than a covenant our Commonwealth has made with its workers and retirees: it represents dignity in retirement for those who worked in service of the public and the greater good, and a sound financial investment that saves taxpayers dollars each year.  We owe the people of Massachusetts a high-quality […]

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The Economy and Jobs

For three centuries, the people of Massachusetts have displayed a remarkable ability to reinvent the Commonwealth’s economy and consistently stay on the leading edge of national trends.  In recent decades, however, the decline in manufacturing and the explosion of outsourcing has changed our economy—and left a growing number of middle-class Massachusetts families behind.  That’s unacceptable. […]

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